VERY pleased with my purchase will purchase again.

very happy with this purchase. got NON GMO rangers and NON GMO new hampshires. 1 had a leg deformity, and had to be culled at a few days old, but others were happy and healthy. Very good eaters, grew very fast. clean birds, will purchase these again, as NON GMO is very important to us, i have referred this breed and company to many utubers who are homesteaders who also care about NON GMO breeders. please do more. if possible can organic be found as well??
just a suggestion. thanks. but i HIGHLY recommend mail order poultry..... blessings

A very satisfied customer.

My chicks arrived within the time frame you said. They were alive and well. They are healthy, eating, drinking, chirping a song. Thank you very much!
A very satisfied customer.

Liz Mclaughlin

Received our baby guineas this morning.

Received our baby guineas this morning. They are all thriving well! They drank and ate immediately and are very active. Thanks very much!

June Volkman

Fair Pricing

Fair pricing, Excellent customer Service and healthy chicks delivered on time. Why go anywhere else. This is my 3rd order

Bob Melly

Healthy and Happy Arrival

It was our first time ordering from Mail Order Poultry . Com and we are very, very satisfied. We received our 15 (plus 1) chicks and all were very happy and healthy and ready to eat & drink. All is well. I can't wait to see how they grow up!
Reggie S

Reggie Sager

All Arrived Alive and Hungry

Thank you for sending my chicks on time and in great condition. They appear to be healthy and are very hungry.


Ordered 50 Easter Egger chicks

Ordered 50 Easter Egger chicks from this site. The package took 4 days to arrive, much too long for baby chicks to be in the mail. Then when I opened the box the chicks didn't have the green goop on them that keeps them hydrated and helps them survive the trip better. Within a few hours of receiving the chicks, they began to die. By the end of the 3rd day we had lost 12. I have been raising chickens since I was a child and have raised and sold chicks for the past 5 years. I have never lost that many chicks at once.
I contacted Josh about getting a refund or replacement chicks and I never heard back from him. Will not be ordering from this site again!

Sellers Reply: This criticism is justified since we failed to reply to her email. The office can be a busy place and sometimes these things happen. However, we did post a refund for 12 chicks and also issued her a special discount coupon code to get 15% off a future order should the customer want to try again. Our apologies. We will try harder in the future to communicate quickly with every customer. As for the packaging concerns: If the post office delivers the package on time, there is no need for gro-gel since chicks can easly survive a two day journey in the mail (ducks, however, do receive gro-gel since their gestation period is longer and they do not have as much of the yolk left to live on after hatching). That package of chicks were in the mail for 4 days and the customer only lost 12 chicks out of 50, that's not bad losses all things considered. If the post office would have got them there on time, all would have been well.

Julia Jutras

Thank you !

My order took an extra day in shipment. I feared the worst. But, they all were alive and strong . Thank you !

Kermit W.


This was my second order through mailorder. Ordered barred rocks golden laced wyandotte and black sex links. I am super pleased with the speedy and condition of the chick's. All doing great. One minor problem but Joshua was fast and professional. Thank you for this awesome company. And exceptional customer service.

Justin B

Thank you very much!

I received my chicks very healthy and quick. Thanks for the extra chicks they are all doing great. I will recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you very much!

Lewis Brock

Responsive and delightful!

Meaning that of both the company and the Indian Runners I ordered from them!

My review is a bit long in coming, as I ordered my ducklings last summer. I got an assortment of ten sexed ducklings, in a combined order with someone else.

There was an issue with the availibility of one of the colors/sexes in the order; I received an email less than 24 hours after I placed it. So immediately, I was made aware, and given multiple options to choose from to rectify the issue. I was extremely pleased with their promptness, and their efforts to satisfy the situation.

All ten ducklings arrived, vibrant, healthy and quacking, and on time! Now, nine months on, my ducks are grown, still vibrant, healthy and quacking, and they've begun laying as of the last week in February!

I'm very happy with my Indian Runners from Mail Order Poultry! Thanks for the excellent service, and the ducks, too! 🙂

Shawnee DH

Probably the best mail order I ever received!

This company is amazing! I recently got an order of 25 chicks early in the year, we got a terrible snowstorm and the chicks were held up for two days, we received the chicks and were able to save only four.. I called and they were fantastic! Sent me a new order with a few extra for the hassle! Fantastic business owners, genuinely care about the customer and their satisfaction not like many of the bigger companies I've used. They are beautiful Birds! I get so many compliments! I will definitely be making more purchases in the near future! Thank you again for all your help I couldn't appreciate it more!

Angela Bradway

I'm just keeping them as pets

I'm just keeping them as pets

Jeff Hines

Thank you mailorder poultry

Received my baby chicks two days ago they are happy and healthy . Thank you mailorder poultry

Angela Ewing

chicks got here safe

Josh you are great to deal with. all the chicks got here safe and are eating and drinking in their new home. thanx for the awesome packaging and insulation. I would recommend you to anybody. also thank you fot the extra 2 chicks . Regards Ed

Ed Kroll Kroll's Koop
Kroll's Koop

Baby chicks

They hatched feb 6, got them the 8th all sixteen hungry and thriving. Just want to say thanks

Donna lusby

Will definitely order from this company again!

Ordered 3 different duck breeds and got them 2 days after shipping. They were all quite happy and content. Will definitely order from this company again!


Thank you!

We are very pleased with the 16 egg layer chicks we ordered from you! They arrived alive and well and peeping up a storm. They are almost 3 weeks old now and growing like weeds! This is our first time raising chickens and our first time ordering online. We are very happy with our purchase and will definitely order from you again. Many of the other online places are just too high priced and we found you to be the most reasonably priced! Thank you!

Carla Caslake

Very Impressed!

Our chicks just came in the mail today. I was honestly nervous about the chicks well being, but when i picked them up they looked great! We ordered 15, and 16 came in the mail, looking very lively and cute. And they are still doing very good. First time ordering chicks online and would definitely do it again! Highly recommend mailorderpoultry.com!!

Harley P

Great Customer Service and Communication

This is my first time raising chickens and ordering them online. A couple weeks ago I received a brochure with all the info I needed to get prepared, it included a personal note which was a great touch. My chicks were ready earlier than expected but because of the notification by email and the USPS tracking info that was provided, I had no trouble being ready for their arrival. The chicks arrived healthy and are now happily ensconced in their brooder. Thanks to Josh for great service and the tools and knowledge to be ready to raise chickens...I would recommend this site to anyone wanting to start a backyard flock!

George Mertz

its great that you can order in smaller quantities.

The 10 ducklings arrived safely and all were good . First time ordered from you .

marcia priest

Very impressed!

This was my first experience ordering poultry online. I was very impressed with mailorderpoultry.com The company is very professional and dedicated to customer service. I would highly recommend if you’re planning on buying poultry online, you’re at the right place!

Brandy hampton

Great & wonderful to deal with!

We wanted to refresh our flock and I was very pleased to find the breeds I wanted available. Most of the other companies had a larger minimum quantity that had to be ordered and we didn't want to increase by that much. With mailorderpoultry.com I was not only able to get the breeds I wanted but also I could order the smaller quantity. The baby chicks arrived today and they are settling in just great and are very active and no pasty butts or dead ones. Thank you so much for a great experience!

Gloria R

Amazing baby chicks

First time ordering chicks online, your website is very user friendly, we picked our hatch dates and was pleased that you kept us updated through the whole process. You even sent us a personal note and a baby chick info sheet before the babies arrived. Ordered 24 chicks in a variety of breeds, 28 arrived healthy and happy, thanks for the bonus chicks. We are very pleased with yor company thus far. Thank you Sooo much

Angela Linkous

Healthy Chicks

I just wanted to say how happy I am with my chicks.
I ordered 15, I received 18! They arrived Cute, Healthy and Chirping. I checked them out, nothing wrong at all. The order came a day later then expected. Post office's fault. I was concerned about the chicks still being alive. All was well. If I decide to order chicks again in the future. I will be using y'all! Thank you

Natlie Key

Natlie Key

Great Experience!

I am very impressed with mailorderpoultry.com. I had a great experience. Could not ask for better service.

I highly recommend!!!

Jonathan P

Thanks Josh. Will order again

First time ordering chicks, was a great experience. Shipped well and all arrived safe and energetic. Thanks Josh. Will order again.

richard aaron

5 star service

Got my chicks on the 13the they are
Doing great would buy again from josh
5 star service

Johnny Fox

First time using this company went pretty good

I ordered 15 chicks and got 17. They arrived on time with no problem. Very pleased with the service and the email up dates.The only problem was that the next day 2 died.The third day 2 more had died. I have used mail order before many times. Have had 1 die after delivery. But not 4 in the same batch.

Daniel Green
Green Acres Poultry

We are so happy with our little babies

We are so happy with our little babies and how well they were delivered and have grown. I would recommend anyone order chicks from Josh. I called because I had a couple questions about them ahead of time and was surprised when I called that he actually answered. It is so nice anymore to actually talk to the person you order from. We ordered 8 Americaunas, 8 Rhode Island Reds and 2 Golden Laced Wyandottes. They are so adorable! Thank you Josh for our wonderful new flock members!

Kaydence C.

Thanks mail order poultry team for happy healthy chicks

Thanks mail order poultry team for happy healthy chicks delivered to me today. It is January so here in Michigan it is 12 degrees and blizzard conditions. But yet they arrived healthy.

P.S. I ordered 15 females and I got 18 so I am guessing I got 3 males thrown in for heat. Thanks by the way I always keep a couple of roosters around for preditor control. So I will raise the dudes.

Benjamin Phillips

Great Experience

My order was delivered in 2 days even though I'm in Florida. My chicks are healthy and well packed for shipping. I was very impressed with this experience the chicks are exactly what I wanted. No more searching farmers markets for the right breed. Thank you. Ben

Ben Whitefield

Superior stock and service

Received my barred rock chicks this morning. Immediately eating & drinking and running in their
2' X 6' cage. Very happy with Josh's quick correspondence, prepatory advice and superior service. First class operation!

Frank Hebert

Very Pleased! You won't go wrong w Josh!

Like I said, you won't go wrong with Josh. I placed an order for 18 buff orpington chicks and they arrived the very next day. They were packaged very well, had a warmer in the box to help keep them warm and even sent me a couple of extra chicks. All are alive and doing well. I actually cancelled an order with another hatchery after reading good things about Josh's company. I've had some bad experiences in the past and I would like to say that it was a real pleasure dealing with you guys! I will definitely be purchasing from you again. A+ ***** 5 stars.
Very Pleased! Jerry in GA.

Jerry Hortman
West GA Machine & Fabrication

Got our chicks

First let me say it's been a pleasure getting my chicks in the mail. I live in the mountains of West Virginia and my chicks were born on 1 Nov 2015. Since it's winter, we are raising them in the basement until spring when they will be introduced to their coop and should be laying by early summer. We ordered 15 pullets, 5 Buff Orpingtons, 5 Rhode Island Reds and 5 Black Australorps (all large brown egg layers). Josh slipped us an excellent Australorps so we got a total of 16. Our post office called us on 2 December at noon when the USPS called us. We are so happy and they are now a week old and doing fine. Thank you Josh for the e-mail letting us know when you shipped them out so we could let the USPS to call us day or night and pick them up. You guys are great and made this a wonderful experience for us.

Ruben M. Pena Sr.

Will be using your site again

Baby Chicks arrived this morning all healthy and looking wonderfull will be using your site again

Freida K

Thank you!

We received our lil chicks this morning. They all seem to be doing well. Just wanted to say thank you for your returned emails assuring me they were coming and would be fine. Well they sure are... Thank you. :O)

Delynn G.


Free shipping, fantastic customer service, will order again!


Communication Was Great

From start to finish the communication was great also the birds arrive healthy and strong. We will go threw you now on.

Dan Bartelt

Great service

We ordered 15 freedom rangers and they arrived yesterday. The birds are healthy and active and we are very pleased. We loved the fact that we were informed as to when the birds would be hatched and shipped. Great service and we look forward to buying more birds soon. AAA service.

Peacock Garden

I Love My Silkies!

Received my Silkie chicks almost 4 weeks ago now. All are growing well and have not lost any. I would recommend this website to friends and family.


Keets are growing

We lost several of our keets during shipment, due to a snowstorm. However, thanks to excellent customer service and follow-up we received replacement keets in a timely manner. We are very pleased with how well they are growing. Will definitely order from this supplier again.

Country Gardens