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Typically laying age hens will lose the vivid red in their combs and wattles.White Leghorn Eggs - White Leghorns for sale

White Leghorn Baby Chicks for Sale

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White Leghorns are popular white egg layers because, well, they lay a lot of eggs. They are smaller bird with excellent egg production which means you won’t pay as much for feed but still get a good amount of eggs making your cost per egg go down. This classic breed has big red combs and so be sure to keep them out of the humidity during very cold weather to prevent frostbite. Get your White Leghorn baby chicks shipped to your local post office by selecting your options below and clicking “Add to Cart.” Feel free to mix and match eligible breeds (with the same hatch date) to reach your minimum order of 15.

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Day old baby White Leghorn chicks for sale by mail order. This is a NPIP certifed supplier.

These are one of the most common chickens around. When you think of your typical barnyard chicken, this is it! Not that being common is a bad thing, there’s a reason everyone loves these!

They are a smaller sized chicken who are efficient egg producers known for consistent egg production in a wide variety of conditions. While they won’t make particularly big hearted, lovable pets like Buff Orpingtons, they are aware of their surroundings and will make predator savvy layers. They reward their responsible caretakers with 280 – 300 medium to large white eggs a year.

More Info About Our White Leghorn Baby Chicks for Sale…

  • Males will weigh around 6 lbs while females will weigh in at 4.5 lbs or so. These are smaller birds that produce a large amount of eggs. This means they produce many eggs while eating less feed. That’s what you want in your laying chickens!
  • These chickens are a favorite with commercial operations. Most of the white eggs you buy on the grocery shelf come from White Leghorns. Get your own fresh eggs and stop buying from the grocery store!
  • These birds aren’t broody so they won’t sit on their eggs. This means they lay more eggs and the eggs are easy to collect.

We typically have White Leghorn baby chicks available for sale from February to June. We hatch baby chicks Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of each available hatching week. Pick your preferred week and you will be notified when your order is shipped.

Preparing for, raising, & releasing your mail order baby chicks.

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