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  • Minimum Order is 15 chicks (25 between November 1 – March 31)
  • Mix and match with any breeds from Nest 2 with the same available hatch date (Minimum 5 per breed).
  • Shipping to continental USA, AK, & HI.
  • Pickup chicks at your Post Office (Post Office should notify you of arrival)
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The Back 40 broiler is a cousin to the Freedom Ranger and has the same growth rate, body confirmation, and personality. They are feature bloodlines from the Barred Rock and Sussex breeds and are specifically bred to excel in backyard flocks and free range applications. 80% of the Back 40 broilers will be Barred while 20% will be a mix of silver and red. Uniquely marked broiler chickens at a great price that excel in your Back 40? Perfect!

Hatching weekly on Tuesdays.

Super affordable broiler with good growth weight and feed conversion designed for backyard flocks and free range applications.

Back 40 broilers will weigh 5-6 lbs at 9-11 weeks old with 2.5 lbs of feed use per one lbs of weight gain.

These hardy broilers excel in a huge variety of temperature conditions from cold to heat. Cooling measures should be applied if temperatures routinely reach 95 degrees or higher.

Barred patterned feathers make these birds a delight to look at! These broilers won’t all be barred, however. They will be a variation in coloring.

They require 2-3 cubic feed per bird and do well in confinement. Where they really shine, however, is in free range and pastured environments. Perfect for the small homesteader or self sufficient family farm!

Mix and match eligible poultry with the same hatch date to reach your minimum order.

Minimum order is 15 total chicks during spring & summer (minimum 5 per breed). November 1 - March 30 Minimum order is 25 chicks.


Back 40 Broiler Quantity Discounts

 Up to 2526-4950-99100-300

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