Novogen Brown (Red Sex Link) Baby Chicks for Sale

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  • Minimum Order is 15 chicks (25 between November 1 – March 31)
  • Mix and match with any breeds from Nest 2 with the same available hatch date (Minimum 5 per breed).
  • Shipping to continental USA, AK, & HI.
  • Pickup chicks at your Post Office (Post Office should notify you of arrival)
  • Guaranteed to Arrive Safe
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The Novogen is a red sex link and is one of the best brown egg layers on the market today! It will thrive in managed housing or in free range applications (such as your back 40) and retains a good foraging instinct. This means they will entertain you while they chase insects around your backyard! The genetics for these incredible birds are drawn from White Leghorns and Rhode Island Reds. They have very calm and easy to manage temperaments which make them an easy to raise bird and also great pets.

395 L to XL sized eggs in 72 weeks of laying.

Excellent feed conversion (meaning they are small birds that don't take much feed but still produce many, large eggs).

Fantastic egg size and color along with shell strength.

Adaptable to a variety of wide ranging applications - free range to managed housing.

We ship them everywhere in the United States: Alaska, Hawaii, and the continental U.S.

Half your chickens will lay an egg by 20-22 weeks (around 5 1/2 months) of age (50% production).

Week 92 (23 months) will be end of lay. Novogen Red Sex Links have predictable laying spans of about 72 weeks (18 months) in which they produce about 395 eggs.

*Performance estimates are subject to environment, feed, and housing situations. We do not guarantee performance estimates.

Novogens will be available nearly all year and will hatch and ship every Tuesday.

If you want more than 300 chicks, please email us at [email protected] Find shipping rates for large quantity orders by clicking here

Mix and match eligible poultry with the same hatch date to reach your minimum order.

Minimum order is 15 total chicks during spring & summer (minimum 5 per breed). November 1 - March 30 Minimum order is 25 chicks.

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1 review for Novogen Brown (Red Sex Link) Baby Chicks for Sale

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    The birds are healthy and calm. They have their fun little coop and love eating out of my hand. A+ breed!

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