New Hampshire Red Baby Chicks for Sale (GMO Free)

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GMO Free New Hampshire Red baby chicks for sale by
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These beautiful heritage breed chickens are slightly lighter in color than Rhode Island Reds – in fact, they originate from the Rhode Island Red breed. New Hampshires are modest egg layers of size Large eggs and are great meat chickens which means you can use these chickens as a dual purpose breed. This is an excellent foraging chicken that will eat insects and other pests on your back 40. They are prone to broodiness and make great mothers. Plus, since this is a heritage breed, they will breed “true” which means the offspring will share the same characteristics as the parents. This means you can maintain a New Hampshire flock keeping your family supplied with fresh eggs and meat in a responsible, natural manner – no matter what the economy decides to do. The heritage breed combined with the good mothering characteristics make New Hampshires a great choice to start and build a well managed heritage flock.

The personality of the New Hampshire is competitive and aggressive towards other chickens but can be quite friendly towards humans if handled often from little on up. Roosters weigh an average of 8.5 pounds while hens will weigh around 6.5 pounds.

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