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Khaki Campbell Baby Ducks For Sale – Sexed

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minimum-order-10Khaki Campbell ducks excel at egg laying and are more disease resistant than chickens. Get them sent to you by mail simply by selecting the options below and then clicking “Add to Cart.” Feel free to mix and match eligible breeds from Nest 3 to reach your minimum order of 10.

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Product Description

Premium Khaki Campbell Baby Ducks For Sale by mail order. This supplier is NPIP certified.

Khaki Campbells are known for prolific egg laying producing flavorful eggs that are a favorite with gourmet cooks. They begin to lay eggs around 6 months of age and produce 165 – 210 + eggs a year! If they are given a proper diet, enough space, and optimum flock size (50-200) they are very adaptable to various environments. They are high strung, active foragers and aren’t very defensive of their nests and eggs which makes egg collecting an easy task. Khaki Campbells can be a bit spooky but are generally sociable if well handled from little on up. They can be very “talkative” which many people find endearing!

Not only do these ducks produce eggs, they also excel at keeping your slug & mosquito population in check as they forage around the bodies of water on your farm.

More Facts About Khaki Campbell Ducks:

  • They will grow to be 3.5-4.5 lbs and will become sexually mature at 6-7 months old.
  • They start to produce eggs at 6 months of age and produce 165-210 + eggs a year! Eggs will weigh 75-85 grams.
  • Khakis are generally considered “good” mothers but do not go broody often, meaning they don’t sit on their nests.
  • While not often raised for meat, Khaki Campbells make lean, high quality roasters.
  • These top notch fowl handle cold, hot, humid, & arid climates in stride and have very good foraging capabilities.
  • The Khaki Campbell was developed by Mrs. Adele Campbell of Gloucestershire, England as she was searching for a simple meat source for her family. She further developed the breed color and named it “Khaki Campbell” after the British military uniform of the time. The ducks were imported to the United States in 1929.

We mail out day old baby Khaki Campbell ducklings every Monday almost all year long (With a slight break in January). Your order is mailed hours after they are hatched.

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