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ISA Brown Baby Chicks For Sale

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ISA Browns are typically the chicken of choice for commercial operations due to their egg production but don’t let the idea of commercial chickens turn you off, this breed also does well in a backyard setting. ISA Browns are a hybrid chicken so they will not breed true but they are sex linked (meaning their sex is linked to their color). This means higher sexing accuracy. Get these ISA Brown baby chicks sent to you by mail order by selecting your options below then clicking “Add to Cart.” We’ll schedule your chicks and ship them out via USPS Priority Mail! Feel free to mix and match any breed from Nest 1 (with the same hatch date) to reach your minimum order of 15.

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Day old ISA Brown baby chicks for sale by mail order. This supplier is NPIP certified.

ISA Browns are hybrid chickens (a cross between mainly a Rhode Island Red and a Rhode Island White) who excel as egg layers and have mild mannered, docile temperaments that make them a joy to have around your homestead. They get along well with their human caretakers and are a very curious breed that like to be involved in your farm’s activities!

They produce 300 or more brown eggs all year round and start laying eggs as soon as 17-22 weeks of age. Their eggs have consistent, dependable shell strength and size. These chickens are winter hardy and are a must have for any family that loves a consistent source of fresh eggs!

More Facts About Our ISA Brown Chicks for Sale

  • ISA Browns are a sex-link chicken which means you can determine their gender by their color. Roosters are white with a splash of brown while hens are brown with white mixed in.
  • Eggs will weigh around 62-65 grams (2.18 – 2.29 ounces) and will be brown in color. Expect as many as 300-350 per year!

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  1. 3 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great hybrid layer! Mind bth started laying at exactly 18 weeks old, a nice brown egg, just like the ones you’ll find in the store. My only complaint was that these birds are more fragile than a standard chick,they weren’t nearly as hardy as the other breeds I purchased. I ordered 3 pullets and recieved 6 of this breed, which is great. But I ended up losing 4 of them the night after they arrived. Perhaps the company knew they were a bit more fragile and sent extras for that reason? Either way, order more than you intend on having.

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