French Guinea Fowl Keets for Sale by Mail OrderFrench Guinea Fowl Keets for Sale by Mail Order

French (Jumbo) Guinea Fowl Pearl Baby Keets for Sale

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**SALE PRICES** French Guinea Quantity Prices (Applied in Cart)

# of Keets49 or fewer50+100+


Minimum Order Requirements

Date RangeMinimum Order
April 1 - October 3115 Keets
November 1 - March 3125 Keets
Double check your selected hatch date, then reference the chart above to make sure you're meeting the minimum order. If you don't, we will not be able to ship the keets. We have a minimum order so the keets can help keep each other warm during shipping.

Breed Information

Our French Guinea fowl are hardy birds that excel as natural pest control. They will instinctively free range within a five acre area and will eat ticks and weed seeds as they forage around your family farm. They are very watchful and will alert other animals to the presence of predators with their loud cries. This being said, they are noisy birds and maybe you should reconsider owning a flock if your neighbors are some of the high strung type! Our pearl colored French Guineas weigh 2 lbs heavier than your typical Guinea fowl and they have lean, dark meat that tastes similar to pheasants so If your neighbor complains too much about their noise, well, there's always Plan B!

French Guineas have been selectively bred by the French for generations resulting in a bird more useful for meat production while still retaining the awesome foraging and free ranging characteristics of the traditional guinea fowl. Our pearl French Guinea will weigh 4-5 lbs in 12 weeks whereas the traditional guinea takes even longer to reach a weight of only 3 lbs.

Our Guinea fowl will weigh 4 lbs in 12 weeks at approximately 3 lbs of feed per 1 lbs of weight gain.

French Guineas are monogamous so they will mourn and be distraught if you take away their partner. This is something to consider if you are raising them for meat.

French Guineas are nearly impossible to sex so you will be getting a random mix of both genders.

They will lay 60-100 eggs from March through August. They hide their nests very well so egg gathering is more like a treasure hunt!

Free ranging Guineas remain almost entirely disease free and are very hardy fowl that do well in any climate once they are fully feathered. They don't particularly like snow and need a dry shelter to roost that is out of the elements.

Guineas will instinctively stay within a 5 acre area of where they were raised but they must be released into free range properly (click here for instructions on how to do that).

Guineas can fly but prefer to run. They can reach speed of up to 10 mph!

We ship out day old French Guineas every Wednesday all year long. Your order is mailed hours after they are hatched.

Shipping Rates

French Guinea FAQs

What is the difference between French Guineas and Jumbo Guineas?

Good question! The short answer is: none. The long answer: Guinea fowl are popular in France as a source of meat. So the French have done to the guinea what the Americans have done with the chicken: Refine and produce bloodlines of large guinea fowl specifically for meat production while retaining the natural foraging instincts of wild guineas. Jumbo guineas and French guineas are, for all purposes, the same thing.

Do guinea fowl help control insect populations?

Yes! Many people buy guineas specifically to control ticks on their homesteads. Guineas are excellent foragers and will decimate your tick population.

Do guinea fowl roosters fight like chicken roosters do?

Not really. Guineas are monogamous which means they have one mate for life. They don't struggle for dominance over a harem of hens like chickens do.

Are Guinea Fowl loud?

Yes! Be considerate of your neighbors if they live close since guineas can raise a ruckus.

Can Guinea Fowl fly?

Yes! They can fly but they seem to prefer running. They can run up to 10 mph!

Can Guinea Fowl survive winter?

Guinea fowl are cold hardy if they are sheltered from the wind, rain, and snow. Provide high roosts for them in a secure, draft free enclosure and they will do fine. 

Is it true that Guinea Fowl make good watchdogs?

Absolutely! Guinea fowl will not let a stranger wander onto the farm unnoticed. They raise the roof! They also help notify other fowl (such as chickens) of predators in the area.

Can you ship Guinea Fowl to Hawaii?

No. We cannot.

Can you ship Guinea Fowl to Alaska?

We can ship them to Alaska but you want to make sure your post office is in an accessible location that routinely gets mail delivered on time. You should ask your local post office on their recommendations. We've had successful shipping to the Kenai Peninsula and with Wasilla (as well as Anchorage).

Can you sex Guinea Fowl? Can I order roosters or hens?

No. Guinea fowl are extremely hard to tell apart, even as adults. There is no one in the United States that can sex guineas when they hatch. Some folks claim to be able to tell juvenile guinea fowl apart but it can be guesswork at best.

How This Works

Pick the hatch date then add the keets (baby guinea fowl) to your cart. Checkout using PayPal or any major credit card. We have a minimum order of 15 keets from April 1 - October 31 and 25 keets from November 1 to March 31. We put more keets in a box during colder weather to keep them warm during shipping.

Once the order is complete we receive your order and schedule it for your preferred hatch date. If we can’t fit it in our schedule for whatever reason on the date you selected, we’ll let you know.

Once the order has shipped we will mark your order complete and attach the tracking # to your order. You should get an email with confirming the order is complete.

The keets typically take 1 - 2 days after they have hatched to reach your local post office. The post office should call you when the guineas to arrive.

Wait for the call from your local post office. Typically USPS will ship the poultry to the post office associated with your zip code but occasionally they may require you to pick the keets up at a main hub - especially if the delivery is running behind schedule.

Pick up your keets at your local post office.

Let us know if you have any issues with your order within 48 hours after the arrival of your chicks.

7 reviews for French (Jumbo) Guinea Fowl Pearl Baby Keets for Sale

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rick Bringle (verified owner)

    They arrived ok we are very satisfied.
    They grow real fast
    A lot faster than our Quail.
    We also raise Northern Bobwhite Quail.
    Thanks again

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Friends in Texas (verified owner)

    Our keets arrived. They are looking great and are very active. You’ve made this addition to our ranchette easy. Thanks for the reading material and the emailed info. Very well done. Thanks!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    kelly lafrance (verified owner)

    Such a great experience vs other places I’ve purchased from! And the chicks look great, very healthy! I’m definitely going to buy from here again.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    great to do business with loved them. All Keets arrived alive and doing well. Will order more

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jimmy Thetford (verified owner)

    This company gives excellent service, the guineas arrived quickly and safely. We now plan to start ordering from them exclusively. Getting ready to place another order soon. Just waiting for these to get a little older.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert and Angie Ford (verified owner)

    I worried about their trip home , as we live in Northern California. Well worth the wait ! All are noisy, energetic and cute! Am happy to have them as an addition to our place . Thank you

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ester (verified owner)

    Great customer service, very helpful staff. The Keets arrive healthy and are very hardy! Love doing business with you.

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