Freedom Ranger Broiler Baby Chicks for Sale by Mail OrderFreedom Ranger Broiler Baby Chicks for Sale by Mail Order

Freedom Ranger Baby Broiler Chicks (GMO Free)

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This is the same breed as our Standard Freedom Ranger, only the breeder flock was kept on a strict Non-GMO diet.

Non-GMO Freedom Ranger Quantity Prices (Applied in Cart)

 Up to 2526-4950-99100-300
Mareks vaccinations are an additional $0.10 per chick.




Minimum Order

Date RangeMinimum Order
April 1 - October 3115 Chicks
November 1 - March 3125 Chicks
We have a minimum order so the chicks can help keep each other warm during shipping. When adding chicks to your cart REMEMBER:
1. All the chicks must have the same hatch date selected.
2. Check to see where your selected hatch date falls in the Minimum Order chart above, then make sure to order the minimum amount of chicks necessary (or we won't be able to ship the order).
3. Your breeds must be Mix & Match Eligible (see the slider below for eligible breeds).

Breed Information

This supplier is NPIP certified.

These are robust, and hardy chickens that excel in free range and pastured environments and do well in any climate once they are fully feathered.

Our red & tri-color GMO Free Freedom Rangers originate from four different heritage breeds bred to the high standards of the French Label Rouge breeding program of the 1960’s. The breeder flock has been imported from Burgundy and Brittany, France and has been kept on a strict diet of GMO free feed. These GMO Free Freedom Ranger chickens retain the qualities of the good old chicken – such as dust bathing, ground scratching, and basking in sunlight – yet reach their prime butchering weight of 4.5 – 6 pounds in just 9-11 weeks. They are your best combination of growth rate, health, and quality of meat and will excel on your homestead or hobby farm!

Our Freedom Rangers will reach 4.5 – 6 lbs at 9-11 weeks. Typical 2.5 lbs of feed per 1 lb gain when harvested at 9-10 weeks or  2.7 -2.8 lbs of gain if harvested from 10-11 weeks.

We typically ship a straight run (a random mix of genders).

Freedom Rangers do well in confinement, requiring 2-3 cubic feet of space per bird, but will taste better if allowed to be pastured or free range. They do require a place to roost that is safe from the elements.

After 15 weeks of age, the Freedom Ranger becomes sexually active and goes through a hormone change which makes the meat tougher and less desirable.

Shipping Rates


Feed – Broilers

  • 21-22% protein starter 2-3 weeks
  • 18-19% protein grower until week 7
  • 16-17% protein finisher

Feed Conversions

  • 2.5 lbs feed per 1 lb of gain – harvested at 8-9 weeks.
  • 2.7 – 2.8 feed per lb of gain – harvested at 10-11 weeks.


Freedom Rangers take approximately 1-2 weeks longer to reach the same weights as the Cornish hybrids (the common commercial breed).

  • Broilers harvested at 9-11 weeks average 4.5 – 6 lbs dressed weight
  • Approximately 6 lbs live weight.
  • 68% – 70% dressed weight vs. live weight.

Leg problems

Almost every time this occurs it is because of a vitamin B2 deficiency. Solution: Buy a common vitamin B supplement at your local drugstore and dissolve it in your chick’s water supply. This should help within 24 – 48

How This Works

Pick the hatch date, whether you want vaccinations or not (not available on every breed), then add the chicks to your cart. Checkout using PayPal or any major credit card. We have a minimum order of 15 chicks from April 1 - October 31 and 25 chicks from November 1 to March 31. We put more chicks in a box during colder weather to keep them warm during shipping.

Once the order is complete we receive your order and schedule it for your preferred hatch date. If we can’t fit it in our schedule for whatever reason on the date you selected, we’ll let you know.

Once the order has shipped we will mark your order complete and attach the tracking # to your order. You should get an email with confirming the order is complete.

The chicks typically take 1 - 2 days after they have hatched to reach your local post office. The post office should call you when the chicks arrive.

Wait for the call from your local post office. Typically USPS will ship the chicks to the post office associated with your zip code but occasionally they may require you to pick the chicks up at a main hub - especially if the delivery is running behind schedule.

Pick up your chicks at your local post office.

Let us know if you have any issues with your order within 48 hours after the arrival of your chicks.

1 review for Freedom Ranger Baby Broiler Chicks (GMO Free)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    danesrgreat4me (verified owner)

    very happy with this purchase. 1 had a leg deformity, and had to be culled at a few days old, but others were happy and healthy. Very good eaters, grew very fast. clean birds, will purchase these again, as NON GMO is very important to us, i have referred this breed and company to many utubers who are homesteaders who also care about NON GMO breeders. please do more. thanks.

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