Delaware Baby Chicks for Sale (GMO Free)

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  • Great for Meat & Eggs (This is A Dual Purpose Chicken)

  • Lays Large Brown Eggs

  • Excellent Heritage Breed Reproduces “True”

  • Shipping to Continental U.S. & Alaska

  • Mix ‘n match eligible breeds to reach your minimum total order of 15.See eligible breeds below (Minimum 5 birds per breed.)

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Delaware (GMO Free) Quantity Discounts (Applied in Cart)

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Maximum Order of 100. Straight Run Only.

GMO Free Delaware baby chicks for sale by mail order.

This supplier is NPIP certified.

Delawares are a hardy breed that excel in free range applications. They were used primarily as broilers before the Jumbo Cornish Cross began dominating the meat market in the mid 1950’s. However, the females are also modest producers of Large to Jumbo sized brown eggs so these chickens will make great dual purpose chickens. The feathers have an all white quill and shaft so the carcass will appear clean, even though the chicken will have darker barred feather patterns.

The Delaware has bright red wattles and a single red comb, although the color will fade in laying hens. The hens can go broody and will raise their chicks. Typically the roosters weigh around 8.5 pounds and the males 6.5 pounds.

The breeder flock for these chicks have been fed a non-GMO diet.

NPIP Certified Hatchery

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