Silkie Chicks for Sale (White, Non-Bearded, Bantam Size)

Next Hatch: 8/14 - $3.25

  • Non-bearded, White Silkies

  • Possibly the Most Docile and Friendly Chicken Breed

  • Straight Run Only (Meaning We Do Not Separate Males or Females)

  • Minimum Order of 15

  • Soft White Plumage That’s Very Soft to the Touch

  • Shipping to Continental U.S. & Alaska

Baby Silkie chicks for Sale by Mail Order

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Silkie Chicks for sale by mail order (Baby White, Non-Bearded, Bantam Size).

This supplier is NPIP certified. We mail out day old Bantam White Silkie Chicks (non-bearded) every Monday (sometimes Wednesday) all year long. Your order is mailed hours after they are hatched.

Silkies can easily be acclimated to human contact and will often even fall asleep while being held. They have unique dark blue or black skin and Asian tradition holds that eating their meat brings about good health. They will forage, eat ticks, and thrive in the natural outdoors but are prone to predator attacks since their feathers, while cute and fluffy, don’t allow the Silkie to fly well.

We sell White non-bearded Silkies.

They have a strong brooding instinct and will take every opportunity to sit on eggs, even if they aren’t their own. Silkies are so broody that many times they are used to incubate & hatch eggs of other chickens.

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  • Along with their unusual plumage and skin color, Silkies have five toes on each foot, instead of the typical four.
  • The average Silkie will weigh 2-4 lbs and will live up to 9 years. They will reach their market weight at 12-14 weeks and will continue to grow slowly until 18-20 weeks.
  • We will ship our Silkies as a straight run of mixed genders.
  • If not allowed to go broody, they lay about 90-120 eggs a year which is around 1-3 a week.
  • Since Silkies aren’t great flyers, their roosts must be no more than 4 feet off of the ground and shouldn’t be less than 20 inches.
  • Because of their feathered legs and feet, it is very important that their feet stay dry or they will become prone to disease and parasites.
  • Silkies will handle winter well if they have shelter to stay dry.


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