Baby Bantam White Silkie Chickens for SaleBaby Bantam White Silkie Chickens for Sale

Silkie Chicks for Sale (White, Non-Bearded, Bantam Size)

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We have beautiful White, Non-bearded, Bantam Silkie chicks for sale. These fluffy characters are extremely docile and make outstanding pets! They are very broody and will even lay on eggs that are not their own. You’ll love with your happy little Silkie chickens!

Silkie Quantity Prices

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Minimum Order Requirements

Date RangeMinimum Order
April 1 - October 3115 Chicks
November 1 - March 3125 Chicks
Double check your selected hatch date, then reference the chart above to make sure you're meeting the minimum order. If you don't, we will not be able to ship the chicks. We have a minimum order so the chicks can help keep each other warm during shipping.

Breed Overview

This supplier is NPIP certified. We mail out day old Bantam White Silkie Chicks (non-bearded) every Monday (sometimes Wednesday) all year long. Your order is mailed hours after they are hatched.

Non-bearded Silkies versus Bearded Silkies

We have non-bearded white, bantam silkies for sale by mail order. We ship baby chicks nationwide.

Silkies can easily be acclimated to human contact and will often even fall asleep while being held. They have unique dark blue or black skin and Asian tradition holds that eating their meat brings about good health. They will forage, eat ticks, and thrive in the natural outdoors but are prone to predator attacks since their feathers, while cute and fluffy, don’t allow the Silkie to fly well.

They have a strong brooding instinct and will take every opportunity to sit on eggs, even if they aren’t their own. Silkies are so broody that many times they are used to incubate & hatch eggs of other chickens.

Along with their unusual plumage and skin color, Silkies have five toes on each foot, instead of the typical four.

The average Silkie will weigh 2-4 lbs and will live up to 9 years. They will reach their market weight at 12-14 weeks and will continue to grow slowly until 18-20 weeks.

If not allowed to go broody, they lay about 90-120 eggs a year which is around 1-3 a week.

Since Silkies aren't great flyers, their roosts must be no more than 4 feet off of the ground and shouldn’t be less than 20 inches.

Because of their feathered legs and feet, it is very important that their feet stay dry or they will become prone to disease and parasites.

Silkies will handle winter well if they have shelter to stay dry.

Silkie FAQS

Can I order only hens?

No. Silkies are difficult to sex (or identify the gender) and so we offer only "Straight Run" Silkies. This means we carefully pack a box with chicks and don't determine how many males or females you get in a box.

Are Silkies friendly?

Yes. They are possibly the friendliest chicken breed you'll find. They even enjoy warm baths! My Silkie fell asleep while I was giving it a bath. Silkies make great pets but like any pet, they require socialization to become friendly. So spend time with them!

Will my Silkies lay eggs without a rooster?

Yes. You do not need a rooster in your flock for your hens to lay eggs. However, the eggs will not be fertilized which means they will not develop into baby chicks. If you want to hatch chicks, you need a rooster to mate your hens.

Do Silkies make good mothers?

Yes. They are known for their "broodiness" or mothering instinct. They will sit on their eggs faithfully and will even "adopt" other chicken's eggs as their owns. Silkies are often used to hatch and raise eggs that are not their own.

Can I order just one Silkie chicken?

No. We have a minimum order of 15 chicks during the warmer months and 25 chicks from November 1 - March 29. We put more chicks in the box during the colder months to help them regulate temperature better.

What do I feed Silkies?

Silkies require normal chicken nutrition. For more info on what to feed chickens from chicks to adults, click here.

Do these Silkies have beards?

These are non-bearded Silkies which means the wattles are exposed. See difference below:

Non-bearded Silkies versus Bearded Silkies

We have non-bearded white, bantam silkies for sale by mail order. We ship baby chicks nationwide.

Shipping Rates

How This Works

Pick the hatch date, whether you want vaccinations or not (not available on every breed), then add the chicks to your cart. Checkout using PayPal or any major credit card. We have a minimum order of 15 chicks from April 1 - October 31 and 25 chicks from November 1 to March 31. We put more chicks in a box during colder weather to keep them warm during shipping.

Once the order is complete we receive your order and schedule it for your preferred hatch date. If we can’t fit it in our schedule for whatever reason on the date you selected, we’ll let you know.

Once the order has shipped we will mark your order complete and attach the tracking # to your order. You should get an email with confirming the order is complete.

The chicks typically take 1 - 2 days after they have hatched to reach your local post office. The post office should call you when the chicks arrive.

Wait for the call from your local post office. Typically USPS will ship the chicks to the post office associated with your zip code but occasionally they may require you to pick the chicks up at a main hub - especially if the delivery is running behind schedule.

Pick up your chicks at your local post office.

Let us know if you have any issues with your order within 48 hours after the arrival of your chicks.


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