Amberlink Chickens For Sale
Amberlink Brown EggsAmberlink Baby Chicks

Amberlink Baby Chicks For Sale

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Amberlinks are excellent layers of beautiful large brown eggs. They are a hybrid breed designed for good egg production and good foraging ability. Get these outstanding Amberlink baby chicks sent by mail order to your post office by selecting your options below and then clicking “Add to Cart. Feel free to mix and match any breeds from Nest 1 to reach your minimum order of 15.

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Day old Amberlink baby chicks for sale by mail order. This is a NPIP certified supplier.

Amberlinks are in the same family as ISA Browns but are more capable at foraging and adapting to a non-cage lifestyle.  They are outstanding producers of large brown eggs and will be an exceptional addition to your egg laying flock! They have good feather retention.

More Info About Our Amberlink Baby Chicks for Sale…

  • Amberlinks are a hybrid chicken that produce around 300 eggs or so per year.
  • Amberlinks are efficient layers meaning they produce many eggs while staying small. Hens will weigh around 4.5 lbs full grown.
  • They are a sex link chicken meaning you can tell their genders apart by their colors.
  • Your Amberlinks will get along well with humans but like to be on top of the pecking order in the coop.

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