’s Arrive Alive Guarantee: offers premium baby chicks for sale to discerning hobby farmers and family farmers alike. We want you to be a satisfied and repeat customer so we strive for a superior buying experience and a better product. We add 2% extra to your order of chicks at no cost to you. We also care about the chicks well being. We have established minimum order amounts so the proper body heat for your baby chicks is maintained during shipping. If the amount of chicks or keets you ordered do not arrive alive, we will ship another minimum order to you and credit the amount of lost chicks from your previous order to your new order. If you don’t need that many chicks we can simply refund you for the number of chicks that were lost during shipping.

Contact Josh if you need to take us up on our guarantee.

Keets are growing

We lost several of our keets during shipment, due to a snowstorm. However, thanks to excellent customer service and follow-up we received replacement keets in a timely manner. We are very pleased with how well they are growing. Will definitely order from this supplier again.

Country Gardens