Why are my hens eating their eggs

Why Are My Chickens Eating Their Eggs!? Causes & Cures of Egg Eating Hens

Sometimes chickens eat their own eggs. Who can blame them? Eggs taste delicious. Still, it’s a little counterproductive to your morning breakfast. So why do my hens eat their eggs? And what can I do to convince the bird brains to stop? Why do chickens eat their own eggs? Your chickens may be just be stupid. You can’t fix stupid. Still, it’s worth reading on just in case. They may be calcium deficient. Chickens crave calcium if they don’t have enough in their diet. They may be thirsty. If your chickens do not have enough water they may look to the […]

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We’ll Be Hatching Chicks All Winter!

The market demand for chicks, ducks, & guinea fowl is admittedly not as high during the winter but we find many chicken enthusiasts are still looking for quality poultry during the colder months, long after the spring rush has subsided. Because of these, we do have a few of our most popular breeds hatching all winter. Here are chicks we are hatching now:

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REVIEW! Tingley Ultra Lightweight EVA Boots

Boots aren’t that exciting, I’ll admit that. Unless you’re my dad who keeps his feet dry by wearing plastic grocery bags on his feet inside of his normal footwear – in that case you’ll be ecstatic to find out there’s a better way! Plus, if you’re a chicken farmer, you find chickens lay a lot of eggs (like my awesome Novogen red sex links) but they also lay a lot of poop. These little landmines get stuck in the traction of your shoe. You can drag your shoes through tall, prickly grass all day trying to dislodge the crap. You […]

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Molting in Chickens: Why, When, and What to Do!

Naked chickens are quite ugly and so naturally one is a bit disconcerted when your chickens start to lose their feathers. Don’t panic and start pulling your own hair out. Instead, sit down and make note of several things. Molting, which is the process of shedding old feathers and getting new ones, is a natural process that chickens go through on a regular basis. First, let’s make sure it’s not some other sickness or condition. Chickens start molting, or losing their feathers, at their head and neck. Then the molt moves down the back, breast, and tail. If your flock […]

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Delaware Rooster

Raising Chickens in the Urban Jungle

We have squirrels everywhere in our town. It’s too bad I can’t sell squirrels to people. Our town is a “Chicken Friendly” community, which is great, but everyone must be friendly towards the squirrels as well because they sure like to stick around. As friendly as our community is towards chickens, however, apparently roosters are too much. I admit that I, too, hate to get rudely awakened by screaming farmyard animals but it can’t be worse than my neighbor’s German Shepherd. It literally barks all day long because it has the brain the size of a peanut and the aggression […]

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GMO Free Baby Chicks for Sale

What Do We Mean by GMO Free?

We have some our chicks labeled as “GMO Free.” What exactly does that mean? The GMO (or Genetically Modified Organism) subject is full of opinion, sketchy facts, and more opinion. Here’s what we mean when we say GMO Free: The breeder flock of the chicks labeled “GMO Free” has been kept on a strict non-GMO diet for at least one generation. It’s possible that the GMO free diet has been kept longer than a generation but we do not guarantee that. The chicks are not fed any feed or water until they reach your home. That may seem cruel but […]

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Worming Your Chickens – With What? When? How Often?

Worms can be a big issue for your chickens. Worms are typically “endoparasites” which means they are inside your chicken as opposed to “ectoparasites” which are parasites on the outside of your chickens – such as lice or mites. There are multiple types of worms. Some worms, such as hair worms are very skinny and hard to see with the naked eye. Other worms like the Gapeworm are found in the lungs and windpipe of the chickens. As you can guess, this causes some major health issues. Not to mention it’s just gross. So let’s tackle this problem! How do […]

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Are my chickens cold hardy? Should I heat my coop?

Chickens are useless when they are frozen solid… …and it’s not like you can just set them in front of the wood stove and thaw them out like you can with your fingers. This is why a lot of people ask questions like, “Should I heat my coop?” Good question. Simply put, you should not heat your coop. Here’s why: I’ll start with an example. Say the weather starts turning cold. You go outside one day in your T-shirt and shiver because you are cold. You buy a sweater and put it on. A month later you go outside and […]

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Ducklings Unable to Walk? Time to Learn About Niacin Deficiency in Ducks & Ducklings

What is Niacin? Niacin is an essential vitamin required for proper duck health and development (such as bone growth). Waterfowl need more of it than chickens since ducks do not convert feed into niacin as easily. Therefore they need more of it in their diets. If there is a deficiency of niacin in your ducklings diet, some complications may occur. How do I know if my ducks have a niacin deficiency? As of yet, your smartphone can’t quite do everything and, as unfortunate as it is, sometimes you still need to use your little noggin of yours in diagnosing your […]

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