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A little bit about me:

My name is Josh. I'm a small time poultry guy who ships day old poultry out of family owned, NPIP certified hatcheries with outstanding track records.. I can assure you that you are working with excellent and like minded people such as yourselves. I'm intent on delivering quality day old poultry that does well in free range settings to small backyard farmers and folks who desire to live a more self sustaining lifestyle.

I was born in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and have had experience working in one of my supplier's hatcheries. I enjoy poultry and the joys (and challenges) that come with it. I married my beautiful wife in September of 2015. She was from Michigan and I decided it was a good time to escape to the Midwest where straighter roads and lower taxes called my name. My in-laws have experience raising Freedom Rangers and Silkies on their family farm a few miles from where my wife and I reside. The ultimate living destination is my little patch of wilderness on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska but I have yet to convince my wife of that. 🙂

I built this website and I run the website. If you have questions, comments, or concerns (or all three), give me a ring! My email works too. I usually answer the phone from 5pm - 9pm (Eastern Time) during the slow season (late summer - winter) and am always checking my email. I will always research your questions and give you my best advice. I'm always learning more and striving to be a more knowledgeable salesman. This business is personal to me and I want to see my customers happy and successful!

Yours in Poultry,

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