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Me on left, Our daughter Adilene center, and Janice on right.

My name is Josh and my wife's name is Janice. We manage this website and ship most of our poultry from my brother-in-laws hatchery in Pennsylvania. This means we maintain great relationships with our suppliers and know the quality of our poultry first hand, especially since I used to work in the hatchery myself. We strive to give you the best quality chicks possible at reasonable prices. We like to say: Healthy chicks at happy prices! We do this because we want to spread the chicken crazy around this nation. We like waking up to fresh eggs every morning and we understand that folks want to know where their food comes from. We do have non-GMO programs for our Rhode Island Reds, Freedom Rangers, Delawares, & New Hampshires. We feel that those quality heritage breeds, combined with a breeder flock kept on a strict non-GMO diet, provides you with the best poultry available. We are a small hatchery and we won't be offended if you find rare & exotic breeds elsewhere but thank you for your consideration of our humble establishment.