Ducklings Unable to Walk? Time to Learn About Niacin Deficiency in Ducks & Ducklings

What is Niacin? Niacin is an essential vitamin required for proper duck health and development (such as bone growth). Waterfowl need more of it than chickens since ducks do not convert feed into niacin as easily. Therefore they need more of it in their diets. If there is a deficiency of niacin in your ducklings diet, some complications may occur. How do I know if my ducks have a niacin deficiency? As of yet, your smartphone can’t quite do everything and, as unfortunate as it is, sometimes you still need to use your little noggin of yours in diagnosing your […]

Why Don’t We Give Ducks Vaccinations?

This is a common question people ask. How come we offer Mareks Vaccinations for many of our chickens but none for our ducks? Good question! Here’s the deal: Ducks generally have hardier immune systems than chickens. They have a high body temperature of 107 degrees which makes it nearly impossible for common chicken diseases to survive in the duck’s body. It’s like when you get sick, your body heats up to fever pitch to try and kill diseases. Ducks simply don’t struggle with the same diseases that chickens do. Plus, ducks spend a large majority of their time in the […]

Book Review: Duck Eggs Daily by Lisa Steele

  Here’s the summary: If you are going to raise ducks, you should buy this book. It’s a thorough but not exhausting educational resource for the average duck enthusiast. It’s full of tips and tidbits that could possibly save your duck’s life and certainly save you some mistakes on your duck growing journey. Ducks are fun and full of character. They are mischievous, clumsy, and comical additions to any farmyard. My ducks would always get so happy when I got the hose out that they would run in circles quacking like they just won the lottery. It made my wife […]

Angel Wing in Ducks – Symptoms, Causes, & Cures

Hi there! This blog post is to address a funky condition in ducks known as “Angel Wing.” Typically angel wings are not a bad condition to have unless you’re a duck. In that case you already have wings and so angel wings are a bit redundant and will cause issues. First, a picture showing the condition (Credit where credit is due – Source: Cengland0: own work. Find it here on commons.wikipedia) Symptoms of Angel Wing in Ducks In case the photo isn’t clear enough, I will describe Angel Wing using words: Angel wing is a condition where the last joint […]

Why You Should Strongly Consider Buying A Box of Quackers (Ducks)

I would be remiss to neglect mentioning a favorite book of mine, Duck Eggs Daily, by Lisa Steele (author of the well known “Fresh Eggs Daily” and a blogger at It’s an incredibly helpful book that is written in a way which informs newcomers without overwhelming them. Why should you buy baby ducks? Because ducks are downright awesome. (By the way, we have baby ducks for sale by mail order. Buy as few as 2!) But don’t just take it from me, here’s why: Ducks are healthier than chickens. Interesting fact: Ducks maintain a high body temperature of 107 […]

What to Feed Ducks – Happy Ducks Aren’t Raised by Luck

Nutrition is important for humans and it’s just the same for ducks. So put down that Big Mac and pay attention because happy ducks aren’t raised by luck. Ducks have similar nutritional needs to chickens but require nutrients in slightly different amounts. If you can’t find duck feed chicken feed is generally an acceptable substitute. First, don’t use mash to feed ducks. It’s hard for them to pickup and it’s very messy. Instead use pellets or crumbles. Ducks always need water. If you have young ducklings use room temperature water so it does not lower the body temperature of your […]

How do I get my ducks to lay eggs where I want them to?

Female ducks look for secure places that are out of the sun, wind, rain, snow, and other elements to lay their eggs. You can convince them to lay eggs at a particular place by providing them with a place that meets those requirements. The ideal egg laying box is at least 15″ x 15″ in size that has three walls, a roof, and a low front that keeps the bedding in the box. Use straw, rice hulls, or wood shavings (don’t use cedar) as bedding. To give the hen a little motivation you can lay a fake egg or golf […]

F.A.Q.’s About Ducks

See Also: Preparing, raising, and releasing your mail order ducklings What to Feed Ducks How can I get to ducks to lay eggs where I want them to? Well, you can’t force ducks to lay wherever you want them to, but here are several tips you can use to try to convince them. What should I feed ducks? When should I switch from starter feed to grower feed? Read more: What to Feed Ducks When do ducks start to lay eggs? Ducks start to lay eggs when they are sexually mature (which is typically about 20-24 weeks old) if they […]

Preparing for, raising, and releasing mail order baby ducks

Also Helpful: What to Feed Ducks – From Ducklings to Adults Good for you! You bought some adorable little ducklings and you (and your family) can’t wait to coddle them and watch them grow. There are some things you should do as you wait for your ducklings to arrive in the mail so you can help them grow to be healthy and well managed flock. Preparation for ducklings: You’ll likely raise your ducklings in a barn, garage, or some outbuilding. Make sure to clean and disinfect the area before the ducks arrive. Find partitions or walls that are solid and won’t […]