We’ll Be Hatching Chicks All Winter!

The market demand for chicks, ducks, & guinea fowl is admittedly not as high during the winter but we find many chicken enthusiasts are still looking for quality poultry during the colder months, long after the spring rush has subsided. Because of these, we do have a few of our most popular breeds hatching all winter. Here are chicks we are hatching now:

Book Review: Duck Eggs Daily by Lisa Steele

  Here’s the summary: If you are going to raise ducks, you should buy this book. It’s a thorough but not exhausting educational resource for the average duck enthusiast. It’s full of tips and tidbits that could possibly save your duck’s life and certainly save you some mistakes on your duck growing journey. Ducks are fun and full of character. They are mischievous, clumsy, and comical additions to any farmyard. My ducks would always get so happy when I got the hose out that they would run in circles quacking like they just won the lottery. It made my wife […]

Which Layer Chicken Fits My Needs?

Which layer chicken fits my needs? This cute little graphic gives a general idea which one of our breeds to look for. Here’s a quick link list to our day old baby chicks for sale… Eggs: White Leghorns, ISA Browns, Amberlinks, Noble Browns Pets: Silkies, Light Brahmas Both: Buff Orpingtons, Black Australorps, Black Jersey Giants, Araucana Ameraucanas, Barred Rocks.

Can I feed my chicks medicated feed if I got them vaccinated?

Can I feed my chicks medicated starter feed if I got them vaccinated? Good question! In our helpful pamphlet that we usually send people before they receive their baby chicks, we state that if you got your chicks vaccinated you shouldn’t give them medicated chick starter since this will counteract the vaccines. This is true only if you give them vaccinations for coccidiosis since the medicated feed has Amprollium in it which is a treatment for coccidiosis. If you vaccinate them for cocci and then feed them medications for cocci, the two treatments will counteract each other and render each […]

Why You Should Clean Out Your Coop Before Your Baby Chicks Arrive

You are excited because you just ordered some adorable baby chicks or ducklings and you can’t wait to get them into your coop. Ugh! Why can’t you get the chicks right now, overnight, in a split second?! This waiting is a pain in the neck. We’re not arguing with you but there are some things to do while you wait. Clean out your coop and brooder! It’s important! Here’s why: Chicks do not have developed immune systems. Chicks develop immunity as they are exposed to small amounts of viruses and bacteria. It’s like getting a vaccination. The problem is that […]

How Many Roosters Should I Buy?

When you go to buy baby chicks you may be tempted to buy little chicken families with one happy chicken mom and one happy chicken dad. You are imagining them starting a nice family in your backyard, establishing a coop, and eventually building on and having happy little chick families. However, it’s important to remember that chicken relationships don’t operate the same as humans and that too many roosters can be devastating to your coop. How many are too many? It depends. If all you want is your own little egg factory in your backyard, you don’t really need roosters. […]

Fun Things to Feed Baby Chicks

When you buy mail order baby chicks, you go out and buy the cheapest bag of chick starter you can (if you’re like me). Then, you start to feel a little guilty. Your read about these bloggers who have farms just so they can support their chicken habit. They import organic feed grown by the monks of South America who have blessed the feed, therefore giving their baby chicks the best physical and spiritual food possible. My conscience starts to bug me as the bag of generic feed sits slumped in a metal trash can. But before you begin sourcing […]

Why January is the best time to buy baby layer chicks

The traditional time to buy baby chicks is in the spring. But, instead of jumping on the bandwagon and waiting until spring to buy your new flock of baby chicks, maybe you should reconsider. It takes layer chicks about 18-24 weeks to reach laying maturity. That’s four and a half to six months. If you buy your chicks in April or May, that means you won’t have eggs until September or quite possibly later, right at the time layers are typically winding down in production. Your layers might even wait until the next spring to lay! However, if you buy […]

What to Feed Guinea Fowl

See Also… Preparing for, raising, and releasing French guineas Guinea fowl can be an extremely helpful addition to your homestead since they forage relentlessly for ticks and other pests. They also prefer seeds and typically leave established plants in your garden alone! (see our day old french guinea keets for sale). Since guineas are such great foragers, free ranging guineas will be almost self sufficient and practically disease free. But they still have specific dietary needs. Here’s what to feed French Guineas (which mature faster than your typical guinea fowl): What to Feed French Guinea Fowl: Day Old Keets – […]

Preparing for, raising, & releasing guinea fowl

See Also: What to feed French Guinea fowl Be sure to have the following ready before your keets arrive: Housing – a cardboard box or metal or plastic tub.  A 16×28 egg box works well for 15 keets.  A larger box will be needed as they grow. Bedding – clean pine shavings (NOT sawdust), textured shelf liner, hay or straw chopped fine, or artificial turf.  Do not use newspaper unless you cover it with paper towel.  A smooth surface like newspaper can cause spraddled legs. Heat Lamp – heating bulb to clip onto box or hang over box – careful not […]

What are the Differences Between Broilers, Layers, Bantams, and All These Other Categories?

Many people who are new to the poultry world scratch their heads as they try to navigate the site. What are broilers? bantams? layers? Here’s a quick rundown of the very basic chicken defining terms: BROILERS Broilers refer to chickens that are grown for the purpose of butchering and eating. Generally broilers are fast growing chickens with deeper muscle tissue (which means more meat). Commercial operations want their chickens to reach their butcher weight as fast as possible that way they don’t have to feed them as much food. And, obviously, you can raise the chickens in a shorter time. […]

F.A.Q.’s About Buying Mail Order Poultry

How do I get ready for the arrival of my mail order poultry? Preparing for, raising, & releasing guinea fowl Preparing for, raising, & releasing ducks Preparing for, raising, & releasing chicks What are you doing about the Avian Flu? I don’t want to transmit the disease from your area of the country to mine. That is a legitimate concern that many people have but we take steps to prevent the spread of Avian flu. The hatcheries we ship from are part of the NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Program) which means they have to meet strict bio-security requirements. They also […]

Preparing for, raising, and releasing mail order baby ducks

Also Helpful: What to Feed Ducks – From Ducklings to Adults Good for you! You bought some adorable little ducklings and you (and your family) can’t wait to coddle them and watch them grow. There are some things you should do as you wait for your ducklings to arrive in the mail so you can help them grow to be healthy and well managed flock. Preparation for ducklings: You’ll likely raise your ducklings in a barn, garage, or some outbuilding. Make sure to clean and disinfect the area before the ducks arrive. Find partitions or walls that are solid and won’t […]