Can I feed my chicks medicated feed if I got them vaccinated?

Can I feed my chicks medicated starter feed if I got them vaccinated? Good question! In our helpful pamphlet that we usually send people before they receive their baby chicks, we state that if you got your chicks vaccinated you shouldn’t give them medicated chick starter since this will counteract the vaccines. This is true only if you give them vaccinations for coccidiosis since the medicated feed has Amprollium in it which is a treatment for coccidiosis. If you vaccinate them for cocci and then feed them medications for cocci, the two treatments will counteract each other and render each […]

How Do I Get Orange Egg Yolks?

You just bought some layer baby chicks online and you’re excited because this means you’ll have your own supply of fresh eggs right in your backyard! This means you control every step of the egg manufacturing process. You are in charge of the feed, the factories (or chickens), and the exports (eggs). You got a monopoly on the whole system. Now, you just have to manage it properly. One of the benefits of your own backyard eggs is a healthier egg with darker yolks. Ever see those orange yolks? Yea! It’s neat isn’t it? Here’s how you get orange egg […]

Fun Things to Feed Baby Chicks

When you buy mail order baby chicks, you go out and buy the cheapest bag of chick starter you can (if you’re like me). Then, you start to feel a little guilty. Your read about these bloggers who have farms just so they can support their chicken habit. They import organic feed grown by the monks of South America who have blessed the feed, therefore giving their baby chicks the best physical and spiritual food possible. My conscience starts to bug me as the bag of generic feed sits slumped in a metal trash can. But before you begin sourcing […]

What to Feed Guinea Fowl

See Also… Preparing for, raising, and releasing French guineas Guinea fowl can be an extremely helpful addition to your homestead since they forage relentlessly for ticks and other pests. They also prefer seeds and typically leave established plants in your garden alone! (see our day old french guinea keets for sale). Since guineas are such great foragers, free ranging guineas will be almost self sufficient and practically disease free. But they still have specific dietary needs. Here’s what to feed French Guineas (which mature faster than your typical guinea fowl): What to Feed French Guinea Fowl: Day Old Keets – […]

What to Feed Chickens – Layers & Broilers – Chicks to Adults

It’s the most common question posed to me as I answer the phone so I figured that an article in the FAQ’s section might be in order. Chickens are omnivores, meaning they will eat meat and vegetables. Chicken diets are a little more complicated than just throwing heads of lettuce and ground beef at your flock, however. Here’s the scoop… Things to Know First things first! There are three different forms of feed. Pellets are largest, crumbles are smaller, and mash is the smallest form of chicken feed. The form of feed you use is typically up to you. Feeder […]

What to Feed Ducks – Happy Ducks Aren’t Raised by Luck

Nutrition is important for humans and it’s just the same for ducks. So put down that Big Mac and pay attention because happy ducks aren’t raised by luck. Ducks have similar nutritional needs to chickens but require nutrients in slightly different amounts. If you can’t find duck feed chicken feed is generally an acceptable substitute. First, don’t use mash to feed ducks. It’s hard for them to pickup and it’s very messy. Instead use pellets or crumbles. Ducks always need water. If you have young ducklings use room temperature water so it does not lower the body temperature of your […]

Curled Toes? Splayed Legs? Time to Learn About Vitamin B12 (Riboflavin) Deficiency in Chicken & Ducks

Important Note: Sometimes spraddled or splayed legs are caused by slippery surfaces the chick is housed on. Do not keep young chicks on smooth newspaper, cardboard, metal, or bare plastic since their muscles are not developed enough to keep from doing splits. If you are reasonably confident that’s not the issue, read on… What is Vitamin B12 deficiency? Vitamin B12 deficiency is more common than 50 years ago since modern day hybrids are bred to grow faster than the heritage breeds. It’s a condition where the bird is not eating enough vitamins causing a deficiency which can lead to other health problems. […]

Freedom Ranger Growing Instructions & Feed Requirements

Freedom Ranger Growing Instructions & Feed Requirements. Just a quick link to our page with the Freedom Ranger growing instructions and feed protein requirements. These instructions are applicable to our GMO Free, Standard, and Black Freedom Rangers (although the Black Freedom Rangers grow slightly slower than the red and tri-colors). -Josh   [contentblock id=8]