Worming Your Chickens – With What? When? How Often?

Worms can be a big issue for your chickens. Worms are typically “endoparasites” which means they are inside your chicken as opposed to “ectoparasites” which are parasites on the outside of your chickens – such as lice or mites. There are multiple types of worms. Some worms, such as hair worms are very skinny and hard to see with the naked eye. Other worms like the Gapeworm are found in the lungs and windpipe of the chickens. As you can guess, this causes some major health issues. Not to mention it’s just gross. So let’s tackle this problem! How do […]

Ducklings Unable to Walk? Time to Learn About Niacin Deficiency in Ducks & Ducklings

What is Niacin? Niacin is an essential vitamin required for proper duck health and development (such as bone growth). Waterfowl need more of it than chickens since ducks do not convert feed into niacin as easily. Therefore they need more of it in their diets. If there is a deficiency of niacin in your ducklings diet, some complications may occur. How do I know if my ducks have a niacin deficiency? As of yet, your smartphone can’t quite do everything and, as unfortunate as it is, sometimes you still need to use your little noggin of yours in diagnosing your […]

Mareks Disease in Chickens: Symptoms & Prevention

What is Mareks disease? Mareks disease is a virus that is very common and highly contagious to other chickens. On rare occasions quail and domestic turkeys in close proximity to affected chickens can contract the disease. Wherever there are chickens, you are likely to encounter it in some form. It can survive in exposed environments – such as the soil of a chicken run – for up to 5 months, possibly even years. It’s important to clean and disinfect your coop before housing new chickens (see Why You Should Clean Out Your Coop Before Your Baby Chicks Arrive). Mareks Disease […]

Troubleshooting – When Your Chicks Are Dying and You Don’t Know What To Do!

You got your chicks and you think you have everything all figured out.. yet you keep losing a couple every day. What’s going on?! Keep calm and let’s double check several things that may be wrong. There are 3 main things that chicks need: Heat, water, & feed. Let’s explore each basic need in detail: Heat. The heat in the brooder should be precisely between 90-95 degrees. Not hotter and not colder. It doesn’t work to just put your hand in the brooder and say, “Yea, it’s hot.” Put a thermometer in the bottom of the brooder and keep tabs […]

Angel Wing in Ducks – Symptoms, Causes, & Cures

Hi there! This blog post is to address a funky condition in ducks known as “Angel Wing.” Typically angel wings are not a bad condition to have unless you’re a duck. In that case you already have wings and so angel wings are a bit redundant and will cause issues. First, a picture showing the condition (Credit where credit is due – Source: Cengland0: own work. Find it here on commons.wikipedia) Symptoms of Angel Wing in Ducks In case the photo isn’t clear enough, I will describe Angel Wing using words: Angel wing is a condition where the last joint […]

Hen Pecking… It doesn’t just happen to husbands

A lot of customers are asking how to treat hen pecking or how to prevent it in the first place. It’s a little more complicated than just treating wounded chickens (although that is needed). You should find the root problem of your chickens nasty behavior. Sometimes chickens just have bad personalities and they need to be culled. Most often, however, your flock is stressed because of living conditions like too little space in the pen or feeders, high coop temperatures, or improper diets. Here’s a list of common causes sourced from the Virginia Cooperative Extension article I listed below. For […]

Pasty Butt, Pasted Vent, Pasting Up: Symptoms, Cures, and Prevention

First of all, what is Pasty Butt? Pasty butt is exactly what is sounds like. It’s when the vent of the chick is blocked with dried poop which makes the chick unable to properly perform #2’s (and #1’s since chickens do both at the same time.) This can cause death if left untreated for long enough so pasty butt is nothing to mess (excuse the pun) around with. First things first, chicks have a “belly button” where they have absorbed the yolk. It is not unusual for them to have dried residue on and around their belly button. Don’t get […]

Coccidiosis in Chickens: Symptoms, Cures, & Prevention

Your mom always said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Well, I can’t speak for your mom and her proverbs but I know that my mom always said that. And, as usual, she is right. But before we jump to the end of my blog post about coccidiosis, let’s start at the beginning. Patience is a virtue you know. Oh? You’re mom always said that too? Anyway…  First of all, what is Coccidiosis? Coccidosis (Cock-si-dee-oh-sis), commonly called Cocci, is microscopic parasite that attaches itself to the lining of your chickens intestines or cecal (small tubes attached […]