Are my chickens cold hardy? Should I heat my coop?

Chickens are useless when they are frozen solid… …and it’s not like you can just set them in front of the wood stove and thaw them out like you can with your fingers. This is why a lot of people ask questions like, “Should I heat my coop?” Good question. Simply put, you should not heat your coop. Here’s why: I’ll start with an example. Say the weather starts turning cold. You go outside one day in your T-shirt and shiver because you are cold. You buy a sweater and put it on. A month later you go outside and […]

8 Things to Remember While Building Your Chicken Coop This Spring

Winter gives you time to stand at the window, to stare out at the snow, sip coffee, and plan your next chicken coop in your head. Then your wife comes along and tells you to stop thinking. “It’s dangerous when you get that look in your eye.” “What look?” I try to act innocent, feigning ignorance. I’m a natural at it. “You’re thinking about something. Stop it! Last time you thought about something you started building a camper in the barn. It’s still not done.” “I’m taking my time and doing it right. And of course I’m not thinking about […]