Delaware Rooster

Raising Chickens in the Urban Jungle

We have squirrels everywhere in our town. It’s too bad I can’t sell squirrels to people. Our town is a “Chicken Friendly” community, which is great, but everyone must be friendly towards the squirrels as well because they sure like to stick around. As friendly as our community is towards chickens, however, apparently roosters are too much. I admit that I, too, hate to get rudely awakened by screaming farmyard animals but it can’t be worse than my neighbor’s German Shepherd. It literally barks all day long because it has the brain the size of a peanut and the aggression […]

Living In A Plastic World

I’m ashamed to admit it… …but I’ve listened to some sugary pop song awhile back that said something like, “Living in a Barbie world, life in plastic, it’s fantastic” or some senseless dribble like that. It occurred to me that we are living in a plastic world where people are unaware of the reality behind their creature comforts. For example: I am the proud owner a 1989 Chevy cargo van. Awhile back I decided that since it’s as big as a billboard I might as well use it as such. I dug some cans of forgotten house paint from the […]