Baby Chickens for Sale by Mail Order

Brown Egg Layers

Layers lay a lot of eggs. All chickens (even meat chickens) will lay eggs but some chickens lay many more than others. Layers are usually smaller and so they aren’t great for meat. Plus, once a chicken is allowed to become sexually mature, they go through a hormone change that makes their meat tougher. Therefore layers don’t make great meat chickens.

Dual Purpose

Dual Purpose chickens are breeds that blur the lines between broilers and egg layers. Folks typically keep the chickens for about two years and when the egg production begins to drop, they butcher the chicken and eat it. These chickens are tougher than your typical meat chicken but can be used in stews and other recipes.

Broilers (Meat Chickens)

Broilers are considered meat chickens. They are quicker growing breeds with deeper muscle tissue. They are butchered before sexual maturity and so broilers never lay eggs (although they would lay a few if allowed to become sexually mature). Broilers eat a lot of food and would not lay many eggs so they are not kept as egg layers.


Bantams are simply smaller sized chickens that are typically prized as pets or ornamental chickens.