Novogen Baby Chicks for Sale by Mail Order Poultry

Baby Chicks, Ducks, & Guinea Fowl for Sale by Mail Order

Our humble hatchery offers weekly small batches of the highest quality baby chicks, ducks, & guinea fowl for sale. We are intentionally small and less stressed which means we give you goodhearted Midwestern customer service.

Heritage Breeds

Heritage breeds breed "true" meaning the offspring are purebred and share the same characteristics of the parents generation after generation.

Non-GMO Programs

Our non-GMO breeding programs produce GMO free baby chicks. The parent flock has been kept on a strict GMO free diet for at least one generation.

Mix N’ Match Breeds

We allow you to mix and match eligible breeds to reach our current minimum order (minimum of 5 chicks per breed/sex). You must select the same hatch date for all the breeds you choose.